Environmental Defenders restore tropical forests and damaged landscapes to avoid extinctions and combat climate change

Tropical forests are the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet, with more than two-thirds of all documented species. Given the present pace of deforestation, the majority of tropical forests will be completely depleted over a span of one hundred years. Such an action would significantly undermine biodiversity on a worldwide level and pose a threat to the very existence of human civilization as we now understand it.
Landscapes include natural core zones, often essential biodiversity regions, together with neighboring buffer zones that are linked to changed areas like agricultural land via ecosystem services, such as the flow of fresh water. They provide nature-oriented approaches to address societal issues, such as ensuring water security.

Environmental Defenders is precisely engaged in this activity. Preserving tropical forests and enhancing wildlife corridors to facilitate the undisturbed movement of verified wildlife species that are known to use certain corridors.

Immediate measures to rehabilitate, link, and safeguard healthy ecosystems are essential to avert species extinctions and ensure a sustainable and prosperous future. Through the act of growing indigenous tree species, Environmental Defenders establish links across fragmented forests, enabling species to escape the adverse effects of climate change, navigate landscapes with less confrontation, and safeguard biodiversity.

Our objective is to establish wildlife corridors spanning 1500 hectares within the Murchison Falls Landscapes and East Madi Wildlife reserve in Uganda by the conclusion of 2025. Our organization is actively engaged in the restoration of land using indigenous tree species. Additionally, we are completely managing and safeguarding a minimum of 1500 acres of reserve and wildlife zones. We purchase both damaged and intact land with the purpose of cultivating indigenous trees, so establishing crucial ecosystems that counteract climate change and enable the migration of species.

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