Voices of defenders – Janepher Baitwamasa

Janepher Baitwamasa


We invited Janepher to present her life as an activist and as a woman environmental and human rights defender in the extractive sector. She weave words and worlds to help us see and understand everyday challenges on gender equality, ecological justice, land rights and forced evictions, physical and digital security concerns. In her final message, Janepher speaks in Runyoro language directly to local communities.

“When you stand up to speak for the environment that is being distructed, you are shutted down by the patriarchy”

Janepher is a field officier at Navigators of Development Association (NAVODA) where she advocate in human rights protection in extractive sector, and is a leader at Twerwaneho Empowered Women Association in promoting gender equality, women rights for sustainable development and use of the natural resources for realization of improved communities livelihoods in Hoima and Buliisa districts (Uganda).