Voices of defenders – Precious Naturinda



As a journalist, Precious with the slogan Talk green, listen green, uses the radio as a platform to share the story of vulnerable people in the communities of Buliisa and Bunyoro regions. She explains how those who live on the shores of Lake Victoria, Lake Albert and other water bodies have become climate refugees, and how land grabbing and evictions resulting from land rights constraints are affecting ecologically sensitive areas. Listening from Precious’s voice allows us to take a journey through her most recent investigations.

“I make sure that environmental conservation is at forefront of everything that I do”

Precious is a journalist working with Uganda Community Green Radio, where she passionately amplifies the voices of local communities, and reports about environmental and human rights issues. She has been in the field of journalism for 10 years having graduated with Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication. She currently works as a senior news editor.