Seed banking: Protecting natural forests, protecting land, safeguarding species, preventing extinction, and improving livelihoods

Environmental Defenders has purchased an off-grid, solar-powered seed bank and nursery from Terraformation to help scale up the organization’s restoration work in the Albertine region of Uganda and North Eastern DR Congo. Under this initiative, Environmental Defenders has already developed a well-functioning regional native seed hub that serves as a center of excellence to support […]

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New partenership in restoring 450 acres of native savannah and dry grassland ecosystems

The Lake Albert region is a unique ecological zone with a rich array of biodiversity, from fungi to mountain gorillas, and over 42 bird species.  Unfortunately, oil and gas exploration, large-scale agribusiness, and illegal logging have destroyed wildlife habitat and reduced indigenous tree cover. Environmental Defenders has a track record of successful restoration to reverse habitat […]