Seed banking: Protecting natural forests, protecting land, safeguarding species, preventing extinction, and improving livelihoods

Environmental Defenders has purchased an off-grid, solar-powered seed bank and nursery from Terraformation to help scale up the organization’s restoration work in the Albertine region of Uganda and North Eastern DR Congo. Under this initiative, Environmental Defenders has already developed a well-functioning regional native seed hub that serves as a center of excellence to support […]

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Challenges faced by small holder farmers in Uganda and how they can be addressed

The view on productive agriculture as critical for employment creation and poverty reduction is now widely shared within the development regions in Uganda especially among the smallholder farmers. Being a smallholder farmer undoubtedly means to be part of the driving force that provides the basis for economies in developing communities such as Uganda in the east African community.

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Using Land Degradation Neutrality as a pathway to climate security and protect indigenous women’s rights

By 2050, the global population is expected to be 9.7 billion, increasing the demand for agricultural products including food, feed, fibre, and fuel. About 25% of the total global land area has been affected by land degradation. It is estimated that in the drylands, 12 million hectares of land are becoming degraded by desertification processes […]