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Environmental Defenders provided assistance to grassroots organizations, human rights defenders, activists, environmental defenders, and journalists to enhance their safety and security

A fair society where everyone’s dignity is honored, peace prevails, and the natural environment is protected relies on the protection and defense of brave individuals, communities, and organizations fighting against injustice. Environmental Defenders are working towards the goal outlined in the 2030 Agenda via initiatives focused on “Climate justice,” “Environmental Human Rights Defenders,” and “Community […]

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Radio Terra promote climate smart agriculture and rural development in the Albertine Rift region

Radio Terra is providing assistance to aid Climate Smart Agriculture activities and rural development via its radio broadcasts. Efforts to help agriculture primarily aim to enhance farmers’ awareness and implementation of climate-smart agricultural techniques, while also bolstering their comprehension of and capacity to participate in markets and access services. Radio Terra not only emphasizes Climate […]

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The last line of defence. Halting the Ecological Crisis and Ecosystem Collapse of the Congo Basin Edge

Congo Basin rainforests are ignored or downplayed. Between 2008 and 2017, the Congo Basin received just 11.5% of international financial flows for forest protection and sustainable management in tropical areas, compared with 55% for southeast Asia and 34% for the Amazon. This despite the fact that soaking up some 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide […]